I-70 Traffic App Shot
I-70 Traffic App Time Estimates

Time Estimates

When are we going to get there? Answer everyone's favorite question with just a quick glance at your screen. We estimate your travel time to all of the major ski resort exits and continually update those estimates as traffic and conditions change.

I-70 Traffic App Traffic Summary

Traffic Summary

How long does this traffic last? Instantly get a sense of any trouble spots with our innovative view of the entire mountain route. We even show your current position as you drive so you know when you’re coming up on traffic.

I-70 Traffic App Traffic Details

Traffic Details

Can we slide off at the next exit? Need a little more detail? Tap and zoom into the road to see precisely where traffic stops and starts. Recognizable road signs help you to decide if it’s a good place to grab a bite for those days when the traffic is brutal.